Monday, August 8, 2011


Two weeks ago, I went to church camp. More specifically, Little Prairie Bible Camp. This is the same church camp that I have gone to for 8 years, and also where I worked as a lifeguard for 5 weeks this summer. But in all the years that I have been going there, this last week was, by far, the best I have ever been to. What made it the best you say? Well, I can't really narrow it down to any one particular thing. However, I will do my best to list and tell you a little bit about some of the things...

1. Spiritual growth! Our theme for this year was Matthew 5:16. "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven."

We had so many great lessons based on this verse, and I definitely felt encouraged and challenged by them. And... we had 7 baptisms! It was awesome to see God working in so many lives!

2. The people.

The people I was around and the friendships that I built with them are... irreplaceable. All of them were such inspirations to me because of their obvious love for God and others. Gah, I just love my camp family! And yes, it really was like a family! We all made so many happy memories together and I can't wait until next year to see y'all again!

3. The slip and slide.

Yep. We used a giant piece of plastic and covered it with water and dish soap and ta da! slip and slide! Not only was it a BLAST, but we all got really clean. Albeit, bruised. =) Actually, we enjoyed it so much that we played on it 3 different evenings.

4. The singing.

This is probably one of my favorite things about camp in general. We do a lot of singing and the harmonies are always so beautiful. Even on the hippo song. =)

And I am running out of time, so now, it will just be a list. =)

5. Sleeping in the cabins with no air conditioning.

6. Fireside/poolside devos and singing.

7. Ultimate. Frisbee.

8. Dance parties in the cabin with the counselors.

9. Personal Bible time.

10. The mud run. It was epic and gross.

11. Team skits.

12. Willie - He is a cook, and he's awesome.

13. Camp food. It's delicious!

14. The blessing. It's powerful. If you know what it is, then you know what I mean.

15. Playing slime ball.

16. Serenading the boys.

17. Free time volleyball circles.

18. Singing in the shower house.

19. Kill-ball in the pool. A game loosely based on football...

20. Coming up with team cheers and parodies to impress the cooks before lunch.

21. Sharing our favorite memories of the week with everyone while we were waiting for a storm to blow over.

Can't wait until next year!

God Bless!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Didn't want to overlook this...

These pictures were taken the day we got back from our trip to Indiana in May. May 22, 2011, to be exact. We had just arrived home and were totally taken unaware by the marvelous colors in the sky. It was as though everything was tinted red. The white gravel on the driveway was even tinted pink. A large colorful rainbow was in the sky.

And as though a powerful painter was painting with vibrant colors (and He was!) the sunset was absolutely splendid!

Oh, and if the date rang a bell with you, this was shortly after the E-5 tornado in Joplin, on the other side of Missouri from us. Amazing!

Reminds me of Psalms 19:1 "The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands."

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hanging out with Abe...

Our favorite stop during our "mini vacation" was at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois. This was a fascinating journey with not only a very interesting person, but how his decisions impacted our country during the very critical time of the Civil War as well. I really appreciated how the museum was arranged and how it used high tech means to make you feel almost as though "you were there". In the photo above John Wilkes Booth cuts a dashing figure as a high society actor, hanging out just outside the White House.

Since we were only allowed to take photos in the atrium, we couldn't resist posing with the First Family.

If you ever have a chance to visit this museum I would highly recommend it. Take some tissues with you though.

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