Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, I have not blogged in a loooong time. ooops :)

Since school and other fall activities have started up, I have been rather busy!

So! I have decided to bring you up to date on our recent activities. yay!

... . . . . .

But, since doing that would take a really long time to read and an even longer time to type, I am going to just list and give a one (maybe two) sentence description of SOME our recent activities. =D

1. School.

It has started and is going well.

Ryan is in 4th grade (wow, how is that possible? They just grow up too fast!), Cordell is 6th grade, and I am in 10th grade.

2. Volleyball/Soccer

I am playing volleyball on the RHAA (Rolla Homeschool Athletic Association) varsity team, and having a blast! We have had several games so far and will continue playing until around the end October-when basketball season begins! =D

The boys are playing soccer with RASYL (Rolla Area Youth Soccer League) this fall and are enjoying it. Cordell especially loves soccer and is, with a biased opinion, pretty good. =)

3. Robotics

Cordell and Ryan were invited to be a part of a LEGO robotics team and are learning things about programming, and building robots that are way over my head.

4. House for Sale

We have shown the house twice and are just going to put it in God's hands.

5. As of Monday, I am now 16 years old. =O (No, no licence yet... =)

6. Seussical the Musical -It has been cast, and Cordell and I both have roles! =D I can't wait for rehearsals to start! (more on this later...)

7. Book Club - I am involved in a young ladies literature group and we are currently reading/studying 'A Tale Of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens. It is such a great book!(Though, I personally like the musical better. :) We are also learning to knit... yes, knit. heehee. =]

8. Other Random Stuff

This includes things like going to Elephant Rocks and climbing around, to filling out the 4-H secretary's book(talk about tedious and time consuming!), to riding horses with friends, to tearing down the garage at the land, to everything else that I can't think of at this moment.

Anywho! I hope you feel semi updated about some of our recent activities. If not, well, I'm sorry.

God Bless!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walter's Vacation - Day 9

Day 4 - Tuesday - Went for a very long, long trip for nothing, as it turned out. Have been trying very hard to locate a diesel (preferably Dodge) 4 wheel drive truck, but finding what I want at the price I can afford has been hard. Pam went along on the trip, but does eating at Sam's Club count as a date?

Day 5 - Wednesday - Well, apparently did nothing as we can't seem to remember what we did!

Day 6 - Thursday - up early to drive to House Springs to take Mom to an eye dr. appointment following her cataract surgery yesterday. Everythings seems to be going fine for her eye. Did some truck and lawn mower and mobile home shopping on the way home. Took it easy with the family that evening and listened to the kids practice their audition songs.

Day 7 - Friday - Went to the farm and loaded up more scrap metal and sorted out recyclables from the garage. Met Jeanine to work on organizing a work day. She has most graciously agreed to help us organize a work day later this fall, or as soon as we get some more preliminary work done. Took the scrap metal in - over 500 pounds. Kids had co-op in the afternoon. Helped fry fish at the church for a fellowship dinner. Ate the fried fish, then went to watch Jenny play a volleyball game. (lost both games...)

Day 8 - Started out brush hogging at the Maxwells. Drove the tractor to the Wiles. Went to the farm with the boys and Austin. Worked on salvaging wood and tin from the garage and stables to get it ready for burning. Patriot Day Rally in the evening. Beautiful fall day today! The kids auditioned for Seussical and Pam was quite relieved to have that over...

Day 9 - Church, meeting, church, and the kids cleaned the van today. Sermon title: Holey, Holy & Wholly. Interesting, huh... And it was - good job Wade!

Patriot Day Rally in Rolla!

We interrupt Walter's vacation to bring you a report on the Patriot Day Rally in Rolla. I (Pam) was so surprised at what a wonderful evening it was. I somewhat expected it to be some sort of political event with candidates for election speaking about their platforms. Instead I was most pleasantly surprised to find that it focused on honoring God, our country, our founding fathers and the constitution, our military and the many sacrifices they have made to keep and defend our freedoms, and a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attack on our country by Muslim extremists.

A retired military colonel who seemed quite the expert on Islam, gave a lengthy, but very informative speech about the history of Islam, their conquests, and defeats. It was especially interesting because our family studied history of the middle ages last year and it was a good review of the history we studied.

A concert was given by a community children's and adult choirs, and various other groups. It was fun to see various people in period costumes. We also got to see an American Bald Eagle. It was beautiful! It was great to see so many of our friends there (and even family!) It was a great evening capped by a great fireworks display.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Walter's vacation - day 3

Walter has 3 days of vacation this month. Counting the 4 days before his rotation, the 4 days after, and the 2 in between, he is off about 13 days in a row. This is one of the things we like about his fireman's schedule.

Day 1 - Saturday. went to yard sales on the way home. Loaded trailer with lawn equipment to cut the grass at our other farm. Arrived to find 70 cows in the yard, road, and by the lake. Rounded them up and put them in our field till the owner came to get them. Put new belt on mower, cut grass which took 4 hours, had trouble with a few mowers such as tire issues on little earl (cub tractor), etc. Then grilled and cooked dinner at our house for my family.

Day 2 - Sunday. Church, nap, weed eat at our house and do some lawn mowing, church again and finish with waffles with black berries, chocolate and strawberry syrup, and cool whip at our house afterwards with church family.

Day 3 - Monday (Labor Day). Meet neighbor at 7 am to bring our cows back home from visiting thier bull. No they didn't get out of our field, we took them to the nieghbors farm for breeding. Work on checking our fences and weed eating/brush clearing around them. Stop to put the chain back on the 4 wheeler. Stop to help get a stuck kite out of a tree. Finish up, shower and to a neighbor's for a cook-out.

Well, it is off to a great start...
Posted by Pam