Monday, October 15, 2012

Random signs of progress...

 We are very excited about the new well being drilled.  The well from the old house works, but we have been unable to get it to pass the state test.  It keeps failing due to the presence of choloform.  So, for nearly the past 2 years we have been hauling in drinking water.  We are really looking forward to having a good well again!  Plus, we are having a geothermal system installed, and the new well will be big enough to supply both the house needs plus the geothermal system.
 This is the beginnings of the laundry room, bathroom, and mudroom in the garage.
I have been working on staining and varnishing the inside window trim.  This one is finished.
Duct work is being placed throughout the house...

Basement stairs are started

Painting the front porch posts.

Cordell and Ryan have been helping Walter measure and nail in the electrical switch and outlet boxes.  They have also been drilling holes in the 2x4's  for the wiring, and will start pulling wire soon.  They have also been helping Walter with various aspects of getting the drain pipes in for the plumbing.

All signs that progress is being made, slowly but surely!

Pouring the basement floor.

 Well, it was an exciting day for us to get our basement concrete floor poured.  This actually took place a month ago, but I am just now posting about it.  We had to wait for just the right timing when the backyard wasn't too muddy, and when our concrete crew could actually come from St. Louis to work on it.

Filling up the concrete buggy.

     Note:  I did not make up the name of concrete buggy.  I promise it is its real name!  First it had to be filled up with concrete.  Then a "road" of scrap plywood was built.   Then it is driven to where it is dumped.
Concrete Buggy 
It is coming along nicely.