Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drywall is well underway...

What a mess!
 So how do you know that sheet rock is being installed in your house?  Well, as evidenced by these pictures, you have piles of scap drywall, drywall dust, nails, and trash in every room.
Finishing is ready to start.
So thankful for everyone's help in carrying out the drywall pieces, and cleaning up in general.  I don't know when I (Pam) have swept up so many piles of dirt, dust and trash.   It is amazing though how quickly the finishing starts to transform the walls.  I would post pictures of the finished walls, but it probably wouldn't look very exciting.
Future kitchen
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Christmas ties...

Christmas ties!
 I came across this picture recently and wanted to share with you how much and how little changes over time...  We have been known at times to put on our new Christmas duds and take pictures on Christmas day.  I am guessing Ryan is about 5 and Cordell is about 7 in this picture, which would be about 2006.
Ryan is nearly 12, Cordell is 14.
 Fast forward to 2012, six years later.  New Christmas ties again!
And all of us...
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