Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Snow Storm Arrives!

We were excited by last week's snow - about 4" of beautiful white snow. And the best part was nice cold temperatures to keep the snow from melting! Well, actually the cold temps weren't really all that nice - TOO COLD! Between keeping up with the firewood and feeding the animals we still found a little play time... Front of our house.

Ryan on his snow board. (Confession - my camera takes really bad action pictures, so I had him pose. He is really not quite this good.)

Cordell on his snowboard. It was sooo cold that everyone was really bundled up - hence, you can't really see him. (Apologies here - I can't seem to figure out how to rotate the picture....)

After our pond was frozen solid we had this bad idea that perhaps we could use the snowblower to blow the snow off of the surface of the pond. Walter was willing to try, but it didn't work very well. What we really needed was a Zamboni machine!

This became the goal of each day - keeping a hole broken in the ice for the cows to drink from. The sledge hammer method seemed to work the best.

And this is Jasmine, who didn't seem to mind drinking out of the frozen pond.

A Missouri Flamingo. Chickens apparently don't like stepping in snow, so often stand on only one foot. We currently have 9 Plymoth Barred Rocks, and look forward to them beginning to lay eggs this spring.

Callie, of course, had fun playing in the snow. Callie is Jennifer's 3 year old Golden Retriever.

Jennifer gets a kiss from Senora, our nearly 2 year old Anatolian Shepherd mix.

Ryan worked very hard sweeping off this spot on the pond so he could slide on it.

Cordell and his cousin, David, take a break from their sweeping efforts on the pond.

Don't we have a wonderful God who gives us such a beautiful and fun thing to enjoy as snow!
Hope you enjoyed these pictures. Posted by Pam

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