Sunday, May 16, 2010

Of Things...

Well, this is a post about the things that we, well really I, have been up to recently...

1. The HIKE 3 was a blast! Laughter and smiles ( and sweat!) were present most of the time, and lots of memories were made. =)
Dad and I made it all 20 miles and Cordell and Ryan hiked 11 miles after the lunch stop. The only post-hike problems that we encountered were a few blisters, a little soreness the following day, and some bruises from diving while playing volleyball afterwards.
For some pictures click .

2. Band is almost over.. :'(
For the past two semesters, I have been learning to play the trombone at Kay's Music Studio in Sullivan. I have really enjoyed it and I guess that I am making progress since Miss Kay has put me in Concert and Jazz band, which are both lots of fun.
Fact: Miss Kay is, in one word, funcrazymusicallygiftedshortunexpectedattimesandawesome.
Our final concert is in one week and I am really excited about it!

3. I am working on sewing a jumper for my 4-H clothing project and it is coming along nicely! Here is the pattern for it. I am sewing dress C (or the middle one. =)
I am using a lovely checkered-ish brown knit and I can't wait until it is finished.


  1. I love that word.=) Plus it totally describes her.


  2. I thought so too. :)