Friday, July 29, 2011

Creation Museum in Petersburg KY

We enjoyed our visit to the Creation Museum in June. There is a beautiful botanical gardens on the ground and my pictures failed to do it justice. Here are the kids posing for a picture on a wooden bridge. The trails were really neat to walk around and lush vegetation was everywhere.

This very happy triceratops seemed glad to see us. The museum abounded in dinosaurs, both skeletal and "fleshed" out.

There were also quite a few scenes from the Bible with animated people/animals. Here Noah's sons are working on the ark.

I somewhat forget if this was supposed to Noah, or some other patriarch. I liked the intense look in his eyes. The figures were very impressive and seemed like if you reached out to touch them they might be real.

Jennifer hanging out in the garden of Eden.

Cordell being "licked" by a some sort of dinosaur. Yes, this was a bad attempt at an illusion!

Ryan "riding" the triceratops.

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