Saturday, December 31, 2011

New look for trashcans...

This past July our 4-H Club painted trash cans at the local fairgrounds. It was sure quite a transformation for the cans, which were previously so yucky and rusty I wish I had taken a picture before they started!

This is a hot air balloon trashcan. I was very impressed that someone had come up with this idea. Unfortunately, I don't remember now whose idea it was...

As you can tell, the name of our club is the Lucky Ducky 4-H Club, so painting a duck pond seemed perfect.
More duckies. Well, they were cute!
Again, I don't remember whose idea it was, but this was an Eye Spy trash can. It asks if you can find the ducky?
So, did you find the ducky? Look in the clock.

Here Jenn and Brooke are mixing paint.
Matthew and Cordell working on the rock wall trash can.
Mikayla working on the rainbow trashcan.
Jenn painting the ivy on the rock wall as Mikayla looks on.
Ryan adding something...
Desi prepping the duck pond.
We sure are lucky to have such talented and creative 4-Hers! This made for quite a fun activity, and so nice to see the results of hard work!

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