Monday, May 14, 2012

Yes, a NEW post....

      So sorry for not posting anything new since February.  We will be amazed if anyone out there is even still reading this blog!  But, this is just as much for us as for you, our readers.

      The problem with trying to catch you up since our posts in February is that we were already so far behind that we aren't even going to attempt it now, save some sparodic events that we just can't overlook.   Suffice it to say that we were busy, we were incredibly grateful for the mild winter, and we were far more blessed than we deserve.  We also have a treasure trove of memories (most of them even good!) of 5 people living in a camper/trailer compound of sorts.

     This is a great time to start posting again as the work begins on our new house.  Stay tuned for details!


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