Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Carolyn's 80th Birthday Party

Beautiful Birthday Cake!

In August we celebrated my mother's 80th birthday at Cathy & Rick's lovely new lake home.  Aunt Frieda and Aunt Barbara made the long trip from Linton to be with us.  We were blessed to have a break from the intense heat of the summer and had a lovely summer afternoon.
Lovely sisters!

Mom still looks just as pretty as her picture on her cake!

My youngest sister, Valerie, with Mom.

 There are several lakes near Cathy's house, and one is even designated as "The Swimming Pond".  A thick foam mattress provided just the base needed from playing king of the hill, and other assorted games.  Tina brought her kayak, and those that felt ambitious enjoyed turns in the kayak and canoe.
 I think the idea is to make the other person fall off, but you aren't allowed to touch them.  Looked to me like they were having lots of fun, which doesn't surprise me out of these cousins!
Yes, even the big kids played!

Chelsea gives a thumbs up.  Wisdom teeth surgery isn't going to keep her down for long!

The old folks sitting by the pond watching the young'ins playing...

I believe the general consensus was that everyone was glad Mom had another birthday, thus giving us all this chance to get together and celebrate it!

~ Pam

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