Friday, February 5, 2010

Ancient History Time-Line

We have been using the Mystery of History series for our study of history the past few years. We decided to start at the beginning - with ancient history. It started with creation, and ended with the life of Jesus. We had a lot of fun with the time line, and felt free to take some "artistic liberty" with the figures. The best part was incorporating Biblical events and people with what else was happening elsewhere at the same time.The top section is the most "recent" history from the 800 BC's to 0 (AD)

The middle section is from the 2000 BC's to the 800's.

The last section starts with creation at the bottom (time unknown) to about 1000 BC. We are almost finished with the 2nd Volume (Early Church History and the Middle Ages) and hope to post that time-line soon.

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