Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Excitement

A few days ago, Senora, our outside farm dog, chased a skunk up to our house. (As in front yard) She wouldn't leave it alone and was, as expected, sprayed with stink.


We think that she was sprayed a couple of times and Dad and I actually witnessed it spraying, which was kind of neat. =) Dad shot it with a BB gun once we got Senora out of the way because Senora had already partially mangled it.

Thankfully, the smell didn't stick around too long, and it is wearing off of Senora quickly.

Mom made the comment that she was happy that dad was home. =)

And, since we are always looking for ways to have dessert at my house, I made brownies and decorated it with a marshmallow stripe, as illustrated in the picture below.

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