Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cordell's Basketball Awards Party

Cordell was blessed to play on an Optimist team that not only had one great coach - but THREE terrific coaches. We are thankful to Coach Valentine, Coach Hunt, and Head Coach Florence for their many hours of instruction in not just basketball skills, but character building as well. The awards ceremony was a time to not only recognize the players for their basketball skill improvements, but also to encourage and honor their character traits as well.
Cordell was given the nicknames of The Captain, Quarterback, and WD-40. The Captain because of his leadership abilities on and off the court. Quarterback because he stayed calm in bringing the ball down the court and calling the plays. And WD-40 because the coaches said if there was a problem, they could count on putting Cordell on top of it and he would smooth it out.
Ryan was also recognized for being a helper during practices. He was given the nickname of PeaceMaker because he never wanted to cause any trouble, and was good to have around. Afterall, everyone wants peace.

Both boys had a great season and their skills really improved. Ryan was great at defense and really stuck with his man. He even started to learn to watch the ball while doing it!

Our thanks to the Optimist Club, and Ryan's Coach Bohannon for making this all possible for them.
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