Friday, March 26, 2010

Riverside Reptile Ranch

Our family recently went on a fieldtrip with other homeschool families to Stanton, near Meremac Caverns, to see some amazing reptiles and exotic animals at the Riverside Reptile Ranch. The trainers were very good at explaining interesting things about the animals, as well as answering our questions.
This is a Galapagos Tortoise that was very friendly and enjoyed his time outside of the cage.
This is a one year old alligator everyone was allowed to touch while the handler held it. You had to be careful to not pet it in front of its mouth though.
This one was at least 5-8 years old.

The alligator pit.
Michael touching a snake, while Liz is wondering if this is really a good idea or not!

This is their very beautiful lion, Leo. The day we were there he was very active and kept rubbing against the fence to be petted. He did show us though that at feeding time he is all seriousness and does not want to be bothered while eating! We were very impressed with the good care that all the animals seem to be given, and by how much the trainers are attached to them. We really enjoyed our morning there and it is so neat to see the amazing variety of animals that God has created. ~Posted by Pam

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