Friday, April 30, 2010

One Rather Sunny Afternoon..

Baseball is a sport loved my most Americans. My family included. =)

These pictures are just of the boys playing two man baseball outside one rather sunny afternoon.
Cordell's game face.

I really like this one. haha. :)

Cordell's favorite position is pitcher and he does a good job at it.
As for my pitching, it has improved since last year when I accidentally hit my mom in the head. ( I was catching and she was batting... It just slipped off my fingers wrong.)
I felt so bad....and so did mom's head.

Now, aside from T-ball, I have never actually played on a baseball team. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did basketball, and soccer, so I never got past hitting off the tee. (Just to clarify, I DO NOT hit off the tee anymore. =)
My brothers, however, really enjoy playing it which makes daddy very proud since baseball was "his sport" in high school.

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