Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent this Memorial Day being tourists - in our own state. =)
We went to the Arch!
Apparently, I have been once before, but since I was a baby, I don't remember it.
My brothers had never been, and so, we went!
This is such a tourist picture.. lol =)

On the way up, our family had to ride in different cars. Cordell and I rode with two women from India....Our conversation was unintelligible.
Mom and Ryan rode in car #3.
Dad rode in a car where a lady was passing out gum.

Looking out the tiny windows from the top!

We could see Busch Stadium from the top... We were excited. =D

We also went tubing for the first time at Dad's aunt and uncle's 25 wedding aniversary party!
It was so much fun! Pictures coming soon! =)

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