Thursday, June 3, 2010

Need another suitcase?!

This is a rather interesting traveling trunk that Walter acquired some years ago, and we have decided that now is a good time for it to find another owner. It is a 1920 Herckert and Meisel Trunk made in St. Louis.
Here is a link for Herkert & Meisel. They are still in business, since 1888! Currently located in Owensville, Mo, they now specialize in sample cases and bags.
Check it out!
It has 6 pull out drawers, and all original fabric and leather linings, wooden hangers, etc.
The little tag states that you should store your 3 lb. traveling iron here.

This is my favorite part. The bottom drawer opens up to reveal two little knobs to store your bonnets on to keep them from getting crushed.

The trunk was guaranteed by the H&M Trunk Co. for 5 years. Looks like it made it for 90!
This trunk weighs a ton empty. I can't imagine what it would weigh full. I suspect whoever traveled with this trunk didn't have to worry about moving it (at least themselves). It seems like the sort of thing that travelers on the Titanic would have used.
Let us know if anyone is interested and we will make you a great deal!

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