Thursday, July 1, 2010

The New Flowerbed

A post by Pam:

There is something very satisfying about doing something you have intended on doing (for quite some time, I might add), but hadn't gotten around to doing yet. I have always intended on creating a new flowerbed under the large tree in our front yard because the grass doesn't grow well there anyways. Last week with the help of Cordell and Ryan I was able to complete it. What you can't see is how many loads of dirt we had to shovel and bring over in the lawnmower trailer from a dirt pile!

To those of you who saw my earlier fuzzy picture, my apologies. These are better. Notice the solar lights. Again, another thing I have always wanted to add, but never had. I am so glad God gave us flowers to enjoy! Oh, and mulch is a pretty nice thing too. Walter took the time out of a very busy day in the hay field to bring home a trailer full of mulch for me. That is when you know someone really loves you!

I also finally reclaimed the front flowerbed and converted it from its previous jungle status! I personally love my wagon wheels and the hand cultivator. The red thing is a tractor front axle which I find quite interesting.

To finish it off, I even got out the old rusted milk can from the garage (where it has been waiting for years for me to do something with it) and painted it for a planter. The old Maytag washer Walter brought home one day. It has a motor on the bottom of it and came from an older gentleman in Webster Groves who wanted to get rid of it. The wringer swings around from the back. Well, I am trying to brighten some corners!

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