Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello everybody. =)

I have decided that since I am short on time and really don't have time to blog, I am just going to share a few facts with you today.

- We are moving out of our current house on Thursday.

- We are busy packing.

- We are busy cleaning.

- We are going to remain calm.

- Moving doesn't have to be stressful.

- I am trying to keep up with school work even though this week is going to be crazy.

- My brothers and I are going to Sullivan tomorrow for band.

- My brothers and I are going to the St. Louis Symphony and the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday. ( =D )

- I am going to an English Country Dance Ball on Saturday. (I am really excited about this! I even have a date! Well.... Jenna is taking me. :)

- Ryan hasn't been feeling well, and has had a slight fever. (Please pray that he will recover quickly!)

- The soccer and volleyball seasons are over. (Now for basketball!!)

- My volleyball team received second place in our conference tournament!

- Cordell's soccer team placed 2nd in his league!

- My daddy is amazing.

- My mom is beautiful.

- The weather is getting cooler.
and that is pretty much it for now. =)

God Bless!


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