Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contract on House!

Less than 2 months after putting our House For Sale by Owner sign up, we have a contract to sell it. We used Rollanet & Craigslist to advertise it, which are both free classified website listings. We are just amazed at how God is providing for us, and with His perfect timing. We are closing by November 8th, or possibly sooner if our buyer can get everything done on their end. This is right after soccer and volleyball, but before basketball and deer season. Not to mention perfect weather for moving as well.

The surveyors and termite inspectors are here today. We have started packing up our extra stuff. Walter has already moved a lot of the outside farm equipment to the farm as well.

You might be asking where we are moving to? Well, we are not sure ourselves yet. We have a possiblity we like, called Plan A, but won't know more about it for a couple more weeks yet. So, we are also preparing a Plan B option in case the first doesn't work out. So, you will have to be in suspense for a couple of weeks, just like we are!

We have really enjoyed living here these past 9 years. Great location close to our church and to town, beautiful scenery, and I have especially liked watching the squirrels play in the trees through the kitchen windows. The creek has been a great place for the kids to play, at least before the poison ivy gets bad. I am already missing living here before we have even moved!

But, I believe God has other things planned for us, and His plans are even better than what we can think of. So, I will quit reminiscing, and get busy packing!

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