Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time for "Plan B" & in the meantime...

We have been enjoying our respite from the stresses of moving out of our house. Liz & Lewis have been most generous with sharing their guesthouse with us. We were waiting to hear if our Plan A was going to work out or not. We have heard now, and looks like we will be going with Plan B, which is to live in some type of temporary housing at our farm. We are exploring some options we may have with the structures that are already there, or with possibly bringing in something like a mobile home. Hopefully, we will get it figured out fairly quickly so we can ease the stresses of transitional living!

In the meantime, the kids have been rather busy recently. Cordell & Ryan are participating in a First Lego Robotics Challenge and so have been busy with their teams preparing for it. Cordell's team is researching the lungs and respiration, and Ryan's team has narrowed their research down to the use of biomedical engineering helps for macular degeneration. Rather interesting!

Cordell & Jenny are both playing basketball with the homeschool teams through RHAA, and have had practices twice a week.

We had to put up some new fencing for our cows at our new farm. Tomorrow is the big day for turning them out of their temporary round pen.

Well, all for now.
Posted by Pam


  1. I see a new school unit coming - Living Like the Early Settlers! or "How DID they make it thru the winter?"

  2. WOW! we will pray that transition to plan B goes smoothly! I like the above idea!