Friday, December 17, 2010

Progress report...

Hi There! Sorry we have done a miserable job of keeping up to date with this. I will try to catch you up quickly though.

We found a camper we liked about mid-November and pulled it onto the farm. We parked it next to the mobile office and are constructing a room to connect them both.

This is a 37 foot Wildwood by BlackForest camper. It has a 16 ft slide out in the living room/kitchen. For a camper, it is quite roomy, at least before we put any of our things in it!

This is the kitchen, and you can see the shower through the open door.This is the corner of the kitchen table and the living room. Through the open door you can see the bedroom at the front of the camper.

This is Cordell & Ryan's space. To say bedroom seems a little too generous, but they do actually have a room with a door. On the other side of the room is a little booth table that also makes into a bed.

This is the front view of the mobile office that faces the lake. If all goes well, Jennifer will have a bedroom of sorts in here. It also has a half bathroom.

Here is how it looked next to the mobile office. Walter took off the ramp, tore down the railings, and got started on the connecting room. The kids and I went to Fort Wayne to visit my family over the Thanksgiving holiday, and left Walter at home working diligently on the construction project, along with a good friend of our family, Scott.

End of Progress Report (part 1 of ???)
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