Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nothing like warm weather and a good project!

Last week before the weather turned cold (again!) we started in earnest on our project of tearing down the stable attached to the garage - which is the future site for our house. We sort of forgot to take good "before" pictures , so you will just have imagine how this looked.

Here is a good view of the back side. It had about 6 horse stalls in it.

Walter, Cordell, and Ryan actually started on this last fall by removing the tin roof. We were able to re-use some of the rafters on the roof over our camper. This is pretty much how it looked last week. In progress...
We have started a burn pile in the middle.
It's coming along!
Ryan got quite good at throwing his hammer to make it stick in the grass!

Here is proof that I was helping too. Although, my help was limited. I actually spent a lot of time scooping up really good old manure and putting it on our future garden site.
Salvaging the good boards...

Jennifer was helping too, and provided many of these photos. Here are just a few random ones....

I personally like this one. Do you know what it is?

If you guessed 2 crowbars hanging from each other - then you are right!

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