Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Williams House Happenings now in book form!

Well, I (Pam) feel like I am really starting to catch on to a small part of this massive digital technology that is available. I have just published our family's first blog book! It was super easy. I used a company called Sharedbooks, and I was very satisfied. Here is their website if you are interested:

I entered my blog's website address, and it uploaded my blog. All I had to do was to select which blog entries I wanted to include or exclude, and other options, such as what to put on the front and back cover. I had options to just get it as a PDF file, and print it myself, or print in black & white, or color pictures, as well as soft or hard cover.

There may just be hope for us yet since making family scrapbooks don't seem to be a talent of mine!

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