Friday, June 1, 2012

Painting the Garage

Last week we spent a few extra days at our family farm before our family reunion.  We thought painting the garage might be just the right sort of family project for us.  This is a one car garage with an additional room that was originally a summer kitchen for the house.  Mostly it has been used for storage, although Hank and Rod lived in it a while during college.  It had been so long since it had been painted that most of the paint was already off due to weathering. 

Peter and Cordell putting on primer. 

Don't you hate it when the annoying photographer makes you interrupt your painting to pose for a picture?

This only looks like Walter is not working.  I assure that he had the hardest (and dirtiest!) job with scraping the paint and dodging the bees.
It's finished!  This is the front.  I personally love the doors.  
And this is the back side.  We chose blue and white to match the house.
This is the house Pam grew up in.  I spent many hours petting cats on that front porch!
Not many houses can boast of having such a pretty outhouse, and it still gets some occasional use too!
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