Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer on the farm...

 Summertime on the farm always holds its own special scenes and aromas that set it apart like no other.  Some of my favorite things are looking at the hayfield after it's been cut. We feel especially thankful this year to have been able to use a round baler for most of our hay crop.  We are saving a small field for square bales, which the kids are looking forward to helping with (That is really a true statement!).  If there was a way to include the aroma of a newly cut hayfield I would have.  I personally love that smell.
Field sprinkled with hay bales...
Blackberries ready to pick!

Yum Yum!
Summer would not be complete without blackberries.  We have a great patch next to the barn where some walk-in freezers used to be.  It is great to stand on concrete while picking.  I am especially prone to poison ivy, so I am a very careful picker.  If you look closely at the bushes, I am sure there is some poison ivy amongst the berries.  These are going into the freezer to become a future cobbler.  Next time I am making blackberry freezer jam.

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