Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking Shape!

 Now this was nice to come home to from our vacation in Tennessee!  While we were gone the trusses were set in place and the sheeting was done.  It is amazing how different it looks now with a roof line in place.

Right now  the house has a very barn like feel because of all the rafters and wood everywhere.  It also seems extra big when you can still see daylight right through the roof and walls!

Before we left we were helped by a friend who does flat concrete work.  He poured the front porch, and used stampers to create the rock slab appearance, and the brick border.   This is what it looked like after we sealed it.  BEAUTIFUL!
Back side of house has the roofing felt started.

We (or at least for me!) feel a special sense of accomplishment because we have made several major decisions recently in selecting our windows, doors, siding,shingles and front porch posts and railings.    Yeah!

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