Friday, August 17, 2012

Fairgrounds 4-H Mural

Many hands make for light work!
 For the second year now, the Rolla Fairgrounds has asked our 4-H Club to paint a mural for them.  This year they gave them a prominent wall at the front entrance.  Desi and Jenny started out by mixing the colors for the background sunset.
We got the aid of the very talented artists, Tabitha and Zeke Gill, to help sketch out the ferris wheel.  Zeke is using a pencil tied to a string to achieve a circle effect.
Sketching begins

 Since the wall faced the west, we only had a few hours each morning to work in the shade during our 100+ degree weather.  The nice part about a mural is that there is room for many to work at the same time.

It's coming along!
The finished masterpiece!

For a first hand look, drive by the Rolla Fairgrounds anytime.  Way to go Lucky Duckies!

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