Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Front porch trusses and garage floor...

 Just in case there is someone who might think that Walter hasn't been helping with the house, here is a picture to prove it.  The front porch trusses are being set into place, and Walter is helping to steady them.  Brad, our builder, said that if Walter does a good job, next time he will let him use a hammer!
 We are fortunate to have a friend from the House Springs church who is  experienced with flat concrete.  He came with his crew to put in our garage floor.  First they had to level out the gravel, then stamp it down.  Next came a sheet of black plastic moisture barrier followed by the rebar.

Spreading out the concrete.

 The power gizmos were especially interesting.  This was like a jiggling squeegee that flattened the concrete.
A power trowel that gave it a polished look.

The finished result!  The blue lines are for cutting grooves in it so that it will crack along the grooves instead of just anywhere.

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