Monday, September 6, 2010

Walter's vacation - day 3

Walter has 3 days of vacation this month. Counting the 4 days before his rotation, the 4 days after, and the 2 in between, he is off about 13 days in a row. This is one of the things we like about his fireman's schedule.

Day 1 - Saturday. went to yard sales on the way home. Loaded trailer with lawn equipment to cut the grass at our other farm. Arrived to find 70 cows in the yard, road, and by the lake. Rounded them up and put them in our field till the owner came to get them. Put new belt on mower, cut grass which took 4 hours, had trouble with a few mowers such as tire issues on little earl (cub tractor), etc. Then grilled and cooked dinner at our house for my family.

Day 2 - Sunday. Church, nap, weed eat at our house and do some lawn mowing, church again and finish with waffles with black berries, chocolate and strawberry syrup, and cool whip at our house afterwards with church family.

Day 3 - Monday (Labor Day). Meet neighbor at 7 am to bring our cows back home from visiting thier bull. No they didn't get out of our field, we took them to the nieghbors farm for breeding. Work on checking our fences and weed eating/brush clearing around them. Stop to put the chain back on the 4 wheeler. Stop to help get a stuck kite out of a tree. Finish up, shower and to a neighbor's for a cook-out.

Well, it is off to a great start...
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