Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walter's Vacation - Day 9

Day 4 - Tuesday - Went for a very long, long trip for nothing, as it turned out. Have been trying very hard to locate a diesel (preferably Dodge) 4 wheel drive truck, but finding what I want at the price I can afford has been hard. Pam went along on the trip, but does eating at Sam's Club count as a date?

Day 5 - Wednesday - Well, apparently did nothing as we can't seem to remember what we did!

Day 6 - Thursday - up early to drive to House Springs to take Mom to an eye dr. appointment following her cataract surgery yesterday. Everythings seems to be going fine for her eye. Did some truck and lawn mower and mobile home shopping on the way home. Took it easy with the family that evening and listened to the kids practice their audition songs.

Day 7 - Friday - Went to the farm and loaded up more scrap metal and sorted out recyclables from the garage. Met Jeanine to work on organizing a work day. She has most graciously agreed to help us organize a work day later this fall, or as soon as we get some more preliminary work done. Took the scrap metal in - over 500 pounds. Kids had co-op in the afternoon. Helped fry fish at the church for a fellowship dinner. Ate the fried fish, then went to watch Jenny play a volleyball game. (lost both games...)

Day 8 - Started out brush hogging at the Maxwells. Drove the tractor to the Wiles. Went to the farm with the boys and Austin. Worked on salvaging wood and tin from the garage and stables to get it ready for burning. Patriot Day Rally in the evening. Beautiful fall day today! The kids auditioned for Seussical and Pam was quite relieved to have that over...

Day 9 - Church, meeting, church, and the kids cleaned the van today. Sermon title: Holey, Holy & Wholly. Interesting, huh... And it was - good job Wade!

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