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Hello Dear Friends!
Sorry that I haven't posted in so long! So much has been happening lately that I just couldn't keep up with blogging about it all. The list of things that I wanted to blog about just kept growing and growing until I was rather intimidated by it. However, my mother has consistantly been dropping reminders that I really should update you all. So, without further adu, a partial update! (I am going to do it in parts because it would be a really long post otherwise. =)

So firstly, the play.

I think that it is safe to say that the one event that has occupied most of our thoughts (and weekends!) since January is "Seussical the Musical". It was Fine Linen Drama's spring production, and Cordell & I both had roles in it. Cordell was a one of the cadets at General Shmitz's Military school and a clown fish. I was in the jungle ensemble, a beach boy singer, and a dancer in a tap & black lights number. It. was. a. blast! I love the Fine Linen Drama group so much! They are all such talented people with a love for Christ that is so uplifting to be around! I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Here is the group out of costume and in their normal character. These are the real characters who I have gotten to know and become good friends with.

The jungle crowd.

The wonderful little whos from Whoville.

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor with their son, Jojo.

These three did such a fantastic job!

Sour Kangaroo & Young Kangaroo.

They both rocked my socks.

I love them.

The End.

General Ghengis Khan Shmitz and his cadets.

(Cordell is on the far right)

Mr. Steele, who played General Shmitz, is someone who I really enjoy being around.

He has such a positive perspective and is almost always wearing a smile.

He is awesome. For example:

Once while we were building/painting the set, he walks up to me and says, "You know what I used to say? I used to say, God is so good. But, not anymore. Now I say, God is so good to ME. It makes it so much more personal."

See why he's awesome?

Mayzie La Bird and the Bird Girls

All with beautiful smiles, voices, and costumes.

Which, speaking of costumes, aren't they fantastic? Amy and her team of seamstresses did such a wonderful job bringing the Seuss characters to life!

The act 1 finale.

"It's Possible" was a really fun number that included fish dancers doing ballet, beach boys dancing... beach boy-ish?, and clown fish with fish faces.

The Wickersham Brothers.

All of them smooth, cool, and mischievous.

Horton and Gertrude

Amanda and Mr. Goff are fantastic! They are both so incredibly talented in acting and singing.

I can only hope to one day have as great facial expressions as Amanda.

Horten, Gertrude, and the Elephant Bird.

Glory pretty much stole the show every performance.

Hunches! This was one of my favorite scenes! Learning to tap was sooooo much fun, albeit a bit of a challenge! Since most of us were beginners it took a lot of practice to learn the steps. Or, at least it did for me. =)

The crew! Where would we be without them! Oh, yeah. In the dark, not able to hear anybody, and tripping over the props that hadn't been moved... The world would be a scary place without these guys.

And of course, some backstage photos! Here we have Jorin and Cordell just hanging out in the basement.

Jeni & I

(Or Penelope & Petunia) (Or Charlotte & Gail) (Or Clementine & AM) (Or Tanzy & the Sour Kangaroo) (Or the shama and the baboon...) (The list goes on and on...)

I love these goyles. A LOT.

Laura graciously pinned/curled my hair every performance! I don't what I would have done without her! She actually did many of the girls' hair and all of them were very pretty. Thanks, Laura! :)

Jeni & Kelsey

(I think Jeni might be the influence here...)

Miss Clarissa Michelle and I =)

Me and Jenna <3

Well, that's all for now. I really will try harder to keep the blog updated!

God Bless!

~Jennifer Renee

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