Monday, May 2, 2011

Hmmm, this one's hard to explain...

Hi everyone,

One of the things I love about my family is their ability to spontaneously have fun with each other, and with various props that come their way.

Case in point.

Last week Walter bought a motorcycle. (More about the bike in another post...) Along with it came such neat accessories as a biker dude helmet and leather jackets. Naturally, we couldn't resist!

We surprised Walter with a style show.

Ryan was able to pull off a "cool" look with little effort.

Cordell has an interesting hand thing going on, not sure if he is thinking in a cool way, or what.

I was pretty much a "fail" at achieving the cool look. Couldn't seem to stop smirking!

So not cool!

Have you ever heard of father - daughter look alike contests?

How about this one?

I know, the resemblence is just SHOCKING!Well, I'm sure that now that you have seen for yourself what influences bringing home a motorcycle can make, you will be fully warned before doing this with your own family!

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