Friday, May 27, 2011

Metamorphosis survives 2 moves!

At the end of last summer we found a beautiful large green caterpillar at Lions' Club Park. We put it in a jar and it started spinning a cocoon right away. A few days later we found another slightly different caterpillar, put it in the same jar, and it also started spinning a cocoon.

The jar traveled with us last fall when we moved and resided for a couple of weeks in Liz's kitchen, then moved into the guest house. The jar made it safely through the move to the camper, and stayed on a shelf in the very small living room through the winter. This spring I set it out on the porch, and a couple of weeks ago Jennifer happened to notice that a beautiful moth had emerged.

The 4 spots were translucent - just amazing.

See his beady little eyes?

I'm so glad God chose to create such interesting creatures. There are probably some good lessons to learn from them. Things like patience, perseverance, and God's sense of timing.

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