Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Job & Road Trip!

1. Summer Job

Well, it's official. I am now a certified lifeguard! =D I have been taking a class at the Rec centre in town for the past couple of weekends, and passed the tests this morning. I am pretty happy. =) The class was difficult, but definitely "do-able". Actually, the most painful part for me was warming up at the beginning of class every day. We would swim 300 meters (a little over 3 football fields) using a breast stroke/front stroke combination without stopping. And for someone who hadn't swam since last summer, and who has never been "taught" how to swim using the different strokes, this was a slight challenge. However, I learned the strokes quickly and it became easier each time we did it. =)
I decided to become certified when I heard that Little Prairie Bible Camp was looking for a girl's lifeguard, and since I was looking for a summer job at the time... it seemed like a good option. So, I will be working as a lifeguard Monday-Thursday for most of June, part of July, and possibly part of August out at Little Prairie! Which, is great because one, the camp is within walking distance of my house, and two, because I will be getting paid to be at one of my favorite places on earth for the whole summer! It's a win-win situation. They get a lifeguard, I get a great job. So, yeah. =)

2. Trip to Indiana
We are heading up to visit my mom's side of the family in Indiana and I am pumped. They are such a crazy bunch and I just love them all so much! Be looking for a post about it soon. (Although knowing my sporadic blogging habits, that's not a guarantee. )

God Bless!

~Jennifer Renee

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