Monday, August 2, 2010

4-H Club paints a mural...

Last month the Lucky Ducky 4-H Club worked on a community service project at the Rolla Fairgrounds. It took many days of careful work, but you can see the progression. Jennifer and Desi were the primary painters of the quilt border and the star design. It has a rather patriotic red, white and blue theme. The fairboard staff were very pleased with the club's dedication to the project, and especially that they were being so careful.
Funny Story. Mr. Nadalski, a Fairboard member, was talking to the club about how pleased he was with how careful the club was being with the paint. Practically in the middle of his sentence,

Desi somehow tripped over the can of brown paint and spilled it on the ground. It was just too funny, and Mr. Nadalski was very cool about it. We just let the paint puddle dry up and peeled it off the ground later.
Here Desi & Jeni are working on it.

Cordell and Mrs. Cureton stretching to reach the high squares.

Will, Markus and Erich Baur, along with Ryan show off their hand print squares.

Getting closer to completion...
I just realized that the final pictures are on Jenny's camera - who is away at camp this week. So, I will have to leave you in suspense as to what was painted on the final 2 squares.
This was a great project for our club and 16 different members and 2 moms worked on it.
Look for it when you visit the Phelps County Fairground - you can hardly miss it!
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