Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Masquerade Party!

Jenny recently attended a 16th birthday party/masquerade party for her friend, Shaylynn. Jenny wore the French Revolution time period dress she made last fall. She was in a literature group studying "The Scarlett Pimpernel", and made the dress as part of the study.
This is the front view. Luckily, we found a huge crenoline slip/skirt to wear under the dress that helped to really poof it out. Apparently the goal back then in the late 1700's was to show how small your waist was by expanding the hips!

Just to give the full idea, here Jennifer is showing just how full the dress is! I remember Jenny saying how hard it was to gather all the fabric together. No wonder! The girls had a great time and even went for a stroll about the neighborhood. Well, not to sound biased, but I thought Jennifer did a great job with her costume, and even made a neat mask from paper mache - complete with feathers. Great job, Jenny!

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  1. Jenny, your dress looks AWESOME!!!=D I love the mask too.