Monday, August 2, 2010

Fair Time!

Once again, we found ourselves at the Rolla Fair during a very hot week in July. The rides and entertainment were lots of fun, especially the bull riding, tractor pulls, and demolition derby. But let me (Pam) tell you. The real excitement for us was in the livestock barns! This picture doesn't really do justice to the impromptu pig wrangling that often occurred. Here Jenny is helping to push a pig down the isle to be loaded into a waiting trailer. If you have never "wrangled" (for lack of a better word) a pig, you never know if you are going to be stepped on, slobbered on, get your clean pair of pants dirty, or even go for a ride when the pig chooses to go between your legs. Let's just say it can be rather entertaining to watch!
Ok, as you have already guessed, Jenny and Cordell both had market hogs at the fair as part of their 4-H Swine project. This involved raising them since April, and keeping track of their feed costs.
Here is Cordell sitting on his pig, Hippo. Hippo weighed 43 pounds in April, gained 172 pounds in 103 days for a rate of gain of 1.67 pounds per day. To do this, Cordell fed her 425 pounds of food! His pig was purchased by The Butcher Shop for $1.20 per pound, and Intercounty Electric boosted everyone's price up to $1.40/pound. I think Cordell will be rather pleased with his profit margin!

Jenny with her pig, Eugene. Eugene weighed 78 pounds in April, gained 177 pounds in 103 days, for a rate of gain of 1.72 pounds per day. She fed him 425 pounds of food costing $67. Her pig was purchased at the Livestock Auction by Intercounty Electric Co-op. Jenny will also be pleased with her profit margin!

Part of what made the fair extra fun this year was having our cousins showing bucket calves and a market hog as well. Here Jenny is braiding Jessie's hair before the Bucket Calf show.

Here is David with his market hog, Toa.

Brook with Coudy, her Charlais breed calf.

Washing the calves.

David with Jessie's calf, Dolly, a Hereford breed.

I also have to mention that the kids participated in a frozen T-shirt contest, and Brooke won a cool bicycle at the kids games!
Lots of great memories.....
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